Use Adloox prebid segments to optimize your campaigns on Google DV 360

Did you know that Adloox is natively available on Google Display & Video 360? Our integration allows you to add our prebid brand safety segments directly into all of your campaigns, preventing your ads from ending up on made for advertising websites and other publishers hosting negative content. All this for an amazingly low $0.03/CPM!

Why Adloox?

🚫 Adult or violent content
🚫 Fake news urls
🚫 Far right publishers
🚫 Made for advertising websites

Each and every single day, billions of bid requests are being made available on the open web with issues related to the traffic quality and the context of delivery. Adloox has been classifying and excluding such content for more than 12 years. You can access our full exclusion list - updated daily -  directly inside DV360 by following these easy next steps.


How to set up Adloox brand safety filters in DV360?


1. Go to your DV 360 Dashboard > Advertisers


2. Click on a specific Advertiser


3. Click on a specific Campaign on which you wish to add our segments. 

⚠️ Unfortunately, from this step you have to repeat the operation for each campaign if you want to add the Adloox verification segments to each one.


4. Go to Campaign Settings > Targeting


5. Select Brand Safety > Other Verification Services  > Adloox

Tuto brand safety adloox on Google DV 360 selection 1


6. Select the Content Categories you wish to block  > Click on APPLY

Tuto brand safety adloox on Google DV 360 selection 2



Your selection is now complete. Don't forget to click SAVE at the bottom of the page.



Our content categories:


Adult content (hard): pornography and full nudity.

Illegal content: illegal streaming and file sharing (peer-to-peer, torrents, newsgroups), hacking, and copyright infringement.

Discriminatory content: fake news websites and content related to discrimination by race, color, ethnic group, religion, sex, age, etc.

Low viewability domains: sites with historically low viewability.

Adult content (soft): sexually suggestive content and partial nudity.

Bordeline content: extreme religious and controversial content.

Violent content & weapons: content that promotes or depicts pain, violence, or death; Or, offers the sale of guns, bombs, and other weapons.

Fraud: invalid traffic, such as impressions on fake & "made for advertising" websites.



Go deeper with Adloox:



Adloox provides more than prebid safety nets. Its state-of-the-art proprietary technology ensures advertisers, agencies and other buy-side technologies are protected from the most sophisticated and advanced types of ad fraud, whilst ensuring ads are viewable, impactful and delivered in a brand safe environment.

By offering unrivaled transparent and granular data, our product empowers and enables you to optimize your spend efficiency and maximize the value of your digital media investments, and to ensure your brand and budgets are protected at all levels and stages of the media buying process.


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