Adloox Key Number: 12 seconds

The median exposure time recorded by Adloox in 2021 is 12 seconds.

Since 2011 - Adloox has been measuring exposure time, why does it matter?

Going above and beyond the standards is key for the performance of the end client.
The - real - performance gains about 100% after 10 seconds of exposure time.
Optimizing with viewability (net of IVT) is great, but you still get inventory whose only purpose is to burn budgets - what is the value of an inventory that is 3 seconds viewable?
This inventory is often used by intermediaries aiming to claim an attribution using mass cookie dropping.

By using these two segments you can optimize your performance by including or excluding URLs based on their average time of exposure:
Adloox - Time Spent - Below 12 secs - exclusion
Adloox - Time Spent - Above 12 secs - inclusion

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