Adloox achieves TAG’s Brand Safety Certified Seal

London, 01.03.2021 

Adloox, the leading independent ad-verification partner, has been awarded the TAG Brand Safety Certified Seal by the Trustworthy Accountability Group.

TAG Brand Safety Certified is the ad industry's largest and broadest global brand safety certification program. Designed to significantly reduce the risk of the misplacement of advertising on digital media of all types, the program promotes the flow of advertising budgets to companies that set high standards and support the industry's framework for brand safety.

The TAG’s Brand Safety Certified program serves the entire digital advertising supply chain by providing transparency, choice and control for buyers – enabling them to buy advertising inventory with confidence and creating a brand safety framework for sellers that increases the value of certified sellers' inventory.

‘TAG is delighted to announce that Adloox has achieved the Brand Safety Certified Seal after an independent audit demonstrated that Adloox is compliant with the program’s rigorous brand safety requirements and high standards designed to protect its customers’, said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. ‘We are very pleased that industry leaders like Adloox are raising the bar for the industry on this vital issue by demonstrating their ongoing commitment to brand safety.’

Romain Bellion, the CEO & Founder of Adloox, said: ‘We are excited to share the news and to be taking part in the TAG Brand Safety Certified Program. Since 2009, Adloox has been committed to protecting our Clients from the most sophisticated types of ad fraud, while ensuring ads are viewable, impactful, and delivered in a brand safe environment. We remain dedicated to delivering unrivalled transparency and best-in-class ad verification solutions - both in Pre Bid and Post Impression - to help Clients minimise the risk and maximise the value of their digital media investments.’

 ‘Brand safety is a cross-industry challenge affecting many companies. Brand’s image is priceless and can be damaged if it appears in the wrong place or against inappropriate content’ - says Léo Boukou-Poba, Head of Compliance at Adloox. ‘We are proud to be recognised for our continuous efforts in combating the negative impact of ad misplacement across all screens and formats. Adloox adheres to the strictest compliance standards to provide our Clients with the most advanced tools they need to fulfil their brand suitability needs’.

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