CMO Summit: Online advertising has gotten smarter. But so have the fraudsters.

October 24, 2016
Adloox are an exclusive sponsor of this year's CMO Summit.

As an advertiser investing more and more budget into digital, how can you be sure that your ads are being seen, by humans, and in safe environments? With the rise of real-time programmatic buying, marketer online spend has now reached $12B. But ad fraud is rising faster still, now costing advertisers $7.2B a year. There are now over 25 categories of ad fraud, which are often undetected by viewability vendors, and the media agencies that use them. Brands think they're being protected, when they're not. Ads are being misplaced, hijacked...and it's the bad guys getting paid. Transparency between the suppliers and their agencies....and the agencies and their advertisers, is worse than it ever has been. In a nutshell, almost half of client advertising in the US today is wasted, and this needs to change.

Key Takeaways: 

1. Detailed auditing of the traffic you buy and the suppliers you use is a critical step-change in order to maximize your digital efficiency and performance: learn how your brand can see +82% increase in sales performance, through targeting human-only websites and content. 

2. Overview and methodology in how auditing verification is an industry-first approach to tackling the cybercriminals, and removing ad fraud from the market.

3. Come face-to-face with the 25 categories of ad fraud, the methods behind them, how costly they are and how at risk you are to each one. Learn the science behind domain spoofing, ad injection, adware and botnet strings as well as best practice advice on how to lower your own risks of ad fraud.

4. Understand the intrinsic link between removing fraud and increasing your viewability, and how verification is not a monitoring service. It's a 24/7 auditing solution.

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