Adloox at the Appnexus Summit

September 8, 2016
The AppNexus Summit is just around the corner and we are proud to be a leading sponsor this year!

The AppNexus Summit is a series of events exploring the tech innovation, marketing change, and publisher transformation shaping the programmable age. Join  the industry’s top marketing professionals for a dynamic and interactive blend of presentations and breakout sessions which aim to push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital marketing technology in 2016 and beyond.

Book a meeting with the team at the event and find out how over 200+ clients around the world are using Adloox to:

  • Increase viewability rates to over 70%
  • Reduce fraudulent and non-brand safe content to 0.2%
  • Maximise performance and uplift sales by serving to human-only traffic
  • Get accurate viewability figures by automatically excluding fraudulent impressions

If you would like to arrange a quick intro meeting, please get in touch at